In a golden, luxury chariot, speed through a medieval town and collect power-ups from peasants along the way! Playing as a wizard stork upon her human servant, swerve and jump lap after lap – with a catch! Each time you complete a lap, a ghostly version of your previous lap will materialize and take off in the other direction – you have to dodge it to survive! !

USE OF THEME: The more laps you complete, the more “ghost racers” you generate, and must dodge to continue!


- WASD - Movement
- Space - Jump
- L SHIFT - Power-Up
- ESC - Main Menu


- Blue Potion - Phase through ghosts
- Green potion - Speed boost
- Fire scroll - Shoots fireball at ghost

Original Concept, Music, Sound Design: Christopher Purse

Developers: Nick Cadieux, AJ Jones, Andrew Thompson

Level Design & Creation: David Reynolds and Marcus Meler

UI Design: Taylor Reynolds

Wizard Character: Taylor Reynolds

Peasant Character: Carsen Kelliher

Environment Assets: Nick Saucedo & Christopher Purse, David Reynolds


Download 194 MB


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System Requirements: This game requires at least Windows XP 32-bit, Intel Core i3, 1GB of RAM and at least Intel HD Graphics to run properly.

Also sometimes when I collide with a wall I'm stuck inside that wall and i can't return to the track to continue the race.

Great game but the WebGL version says "Turn Around" whichever direction I'm facing. Possibly a bug?